Portion Distortion – Reduce Your Portion Sizes for Effective Weight Loss

Super Sized Meal
Fast Food Restaurants Started The “Super-sized” meal trend.

Would you like to “Super Size” that?

We started hearing this question at fast food restaurants sometime during the last 15 – 20 years. At first it seemed like a bargain. You know… get about twice the fries and drink for a nominal up-charge.

We fell for it… took the bait, hook, line and sinker. And they had America hooked on something that would change the health and well-being  of unwary people for years and years to come, perhaps even for generations to come.

Portion distortion. I can’t remember when I first heard that phrase, but it caught my attention, even way back before I began my own weight loss adventure. It rang true when I thought about it.

Meal portion sizes have continuously grown and grown and grown, to the point where it’s just plain ridiculous. And as the portions have grown, so have we. We have slowly been conditioned to eat these gargantuan-sized meals and leave the table so full that we’re belching for hours to come.

It really started back when we were kids. You know… we were told to eat everything that was put on our plates, whether we were still hungry or not. And so it began. Our minds were trained to see our dinner plate and eat everything on them, even if we were full.

As we carried that idea into adulthood, it began to catch up with us and we began to put extra weight on. We don’t think much of it at first. We are, after all, getting older, Continue reading “Portion Distortion – Reduce Your Portion Sizes for Effective Weight Loss”